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Save these dates…August 8-10!

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Here is your reminder to save August 8-10 for the class reunion in
Colorado Springs.  We’re looking forward to a wonderful weekend of sharing and getting re-acquainted!  Mr. McClain has been invited, likely bringing old themes and other memorabilia for perspective.  Jan Dick will bring pictures and names of the guinea pigs!  Did someone say it might be the 50th anniversary?  
The weekend schedule will generally follow the familiar reunion formula, maximizing time together:
     A mixer on Friday afternoon/evening
     A fun outdoor activity on Saturday — hike, miniature golf, portable ham radio, shorthand refresher — to be decided
     Saturday night dinner
     Sunday picnic in a park — a potluck showcasing your gourmet culinary skills.
Now, there are no up-front charges or fees.  We should be able to make this work on a pay as we go basis.  
This is a most creative group…if you have specific ideas or suggestions, please share them with, uhhh, Judy Seeley,
Many of you have requested we generally locate on the west side of town.  You’ll be on your own for accommodations.  Try this website:
       — click on the accommodations button on the left side of the page.  
Some recommendations are:
                the Blue Sky B&B – – (run by our North Junior High friend Sally Thurston)
               Doug Hogg’s place of choice for 17 years, Town n Country Cottages –
We will provide a meeting room/suite/cabin that can serve as a hangout and connection center throughout the weekend.  I imagine that discussions — Freuds? — may go well into the night.  We may have to pass a hat to cover the room charge.  If it ends up being at a hotel or motel, we’ll let you know so you can reserve rooms there if you wish.
Doug Hogg kindly created space for a reunion web site on his domain.  The URL is the following:
If you have fotos — then or now — or other items you would like to post, send to Doug,

And, I have attached the most recent version of the contact listing.  If you have any updates to your own or someone else’s, please let me know. 

Hope you can make it!  Energy, emotion, and discovery charged the two mini-gatherings held in 2006 and 2007.  This August should be even better!

Ed Nesselroad

Hello world. This my website!

Monday, August 4th, 1997

Hello world. This my website!