Greetings Classmates

Fifth Grade and Beyond.

Reunion the weekend of August 9, 2008. Manitou Springs.

I will be staying at the Town and Country Cottages from 6 August to 20 August.

Their website is listed in the links section.

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  1. Judy Seeley says:

    Greetings from the Colorado Springs contingent!
    Things are coming together for our gathering!

    We have reserved the Mountain Suite at the Hotel San Ayre, a little motel that has been extensively remodeled during the past couple of years–the upstairs suite was finished earlier this year. This will be our “headquarters” and hang out location. The address is 3320 W. Colorado Ave. (a few blocks east of the Manitou Springs town limit).

    So far, the plans include happy hour/food at our suite on Friday in the late afternoon–say 5-ish lasting until everyone fades. Saturday night we will be having dinner at The Warehouse Restaurant on 25 W. Cimarron. Sunday afternoon plans are in the works…more information will be posted later.

    I am looking forward to seeing you all!

  2. Judy Seeley says:

    Website for our headquarters: